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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Charles S. Di Lullo, United States Condolence for Pope John Paul II 4/16/2005
Morgan Palmer, United States Well done... 4/16/2005
Joseph & Elizabeth Black, United States Dear Holy Father - We Love & Miss You Very Much ! 4/16/2005
Brother Andrew E. Marsolek, M. M., United States We done good and faithful servant. RIP JP II 4/16/2005
Jean (Gorczyca) McCormack, United States Missing you 4/16/2005
Larry, United States We Pray to the Lord 4/16/2005
Nolan Nanong Kalacas, United States Our Warm Condolences 4/16/2005
Karen Arnold, United Kingdom Greet me at the Gates of Heaven 4/16/2005
Dr. Saharra Bledsoe, United States I thank God for the Pope! 4/16/2005
B. Pierce, United States Saint 4/16/2005
Mark Carlo G Medalla, Italy A Thousand Images . . . 4/16/2005
Maria Silva & Sons, United States condolences 4/16/2005
Jill, United States the light of the world.... 4/16/2005
Susan, United States A Man of God 4/16/2005
Jeff Coulter, United States Thank You... 4/16/2005
Rainier B. Gutierrez, Philippines Pope John Paul II The Conscience of the World 4/16/2005
Regina Spinale, United States suffering 4/16/2005
Karl Kromar, Canada Thank you for your hard work and example 4/15/2005
Joan Bates, United States Intercession 4/15/2005
Paul Mohr, United States My total inspiration! 4/15/2005
Joanne Colucci, United States What a blessed Gift you were to the World! 4/15/2005
The Diener Family, United States Thank you Dear LORD for Pope John Paul ll 4/15/2005
NOEL MULATO, United States MAN OF PEACE 4/15/2005
Maureen Prisbe, United States Proud, Polish Pope 4/15/2005
Alan Espinoza, United States Rest in Peace Holy Father 4/15/2005
Ruth Owens, United States John Paul 4/15/2005
Jaime A Gandara, United States Thank You 4/15/2005
Rose Hembree, United States Condolence 4/15/2005
Elaine, United States We love u, our Pope John Paul II 4/15/2005
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