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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Susan Nierodzik Black, United States condolence 4/14/2005
Mary McCaffrey, United States Condolence and thanks 4/14/2005
Margarita Szechenyi, United States I love you and miss you 4/14/2005
Erika Casco, Costa Rica THANK YOU BELOVED POPE 4/14/2005
judith krzeszewski, United States thank you 4/14/2005
leo and rerbecca marquez, United States condolences 4/14/2005
Marie, United States JOHN PAUL THE BELOVED 4/14/2005
The Girouard family, United States Walked in His footsteps 4/14/2005
Kathleen,Paul, Canada A DEEP SORROW AND ABIDING JOY 4/14/2005
Julia Anne Mueller, United States Holy Father 4/14/2005
patrickmary c. ugorji, United States u are really God sent 4/14/2005
The Borawski Family, United States LONG LIVE JP2 4/14/2005
Tom and Leona, United States YOUR SPIRIT LIVES ON 4/14/2005
Rev. Robert Gielow, C.M., United States Gratitude 4/14/2005
MKostka, United States Ojcze Sw 4/13/2005
Fr. Herondi Fernandes de Araujo, s.x., United States Condolesces and prayers 4/14/2005
Rose R. Rios, United States Sincere condolence 4/13/2005
MAGDALENE, Malaysia We love you, Holy Father 4/14/2005
JOHN T. CONWAY, United States POPE JOHN PAUL II 4/14/2005
Rick McCafferty, United States Thanks be to God for JPII!!! 4/13/2005
lorraine patricia ganley, United States PRAYERFUL WISH 4/13/2005
Lester, Cuba Semper fidelis 4/13/2005
Amanda Hollis, United States Pope John Paul 4/13/2005, United States Thanks be to GOD for John Paul ll 4/14/2005
Dorothy Leonard, United States The loss of our Father on earth 4/14/2005
Joel Thomas Coleman, United States Missing the Evangelical Pope 4/13/2005
Heidi Garman, United States Pope of the People, you will be greatly missed 4/13/2005
Jola, United States Greatest Son of Poland 4/13/2005
Isabel, Philippines Thank you 4/13/2005
Margaret Milkas, United States Be not afraid 4/13/2005
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