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Celiac Disease and Communion
Question from Anonymous on 11-08-2017:

I have another possible answer for the anonymous person who asked for an act of spiritual communion (not me). I have heard that it is possible to only receive the blood of Christ without His body. Is that true?

P. S. Thank you for all the questions you answer! Also, please ask the other people who answer questions on this website to answer their questions if you can. Additionally, what is the maximum number of questions in a question bin?

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-15-2017:


From the USCCB website:

For those members of the faithful with gluten intolerance, even trace amounts of gluten can be damaging. It is important, therefore, to be mindful of "cross-contamination" when using either low-gluten hosts or when offering Holy Communion to someone only under the species of wine. It might be best, for example, for the communicant to prepare a pyx with the low-gluten host before Mass, in order to avoid the situation of a sacristan who has handled the other hosts also to handle the low-gluten ones. At Communion time, then, they could approach the sanctuary together with any Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and receive the pyx from the celebrant with the words "The Body of Christ" (or, if possible, they could be given the pyx within the normal Communion line, provided "contamination" from handling of the pyx is avoided). Similarly, it might be necessary for someone who has permission to receive Holy Communion under the species of wine alone to prepare before Mass a chalice, which will not be part of the commingling rite and from which either they alone will receive or from which they will be the first to receive. Such precautions are not only medically necessary, but they demonstrate compassion to avoid singling out those who want to receive Communion, but are unable to receive one or the other species.

SEE: http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/the-mass/order-of-mass/liturgy-of-the- eucharist/celiac-disease-and-alcohol-intolerance.cfm